The Incredible Flamin' Groovies Movie

From award-winning filmmakers, William Tyler Smith and Kurt Feldhun, comes a feature length documentary about the Flamin' Groovies, one of rock and roll's most colorful and influential bands that you've never heard of.  

From award-winning filmmakers, William Tyler Smith and Kurt Feldhun, comes a feature length documentary about the Flamin' Groovies, one of rock and roll's most colorful and influential bands that you've never heard of.  

Although the Flamin' Groovies had all the makings for a successful career and famous fans like Rock Hudson, Eartha Kitt, Val Kilmer and The Rolling Stones, life seemed to conspire against them and they never quite made it. Since then, however, their songs Slow DeathShake Some Action and Teenage Head, have been heard on motion picture soundtracks such as Clueless and numerous CD compilations. Shake Some Action is the first song featured in the new book, The History of Rock 'N' Roll in Ten Songs by legendary music journalist Greil Marcus and recently VH1 placed Shake Some Action on their 20 Essential Power Pop Tracks of All Time at #7. The Groovies have also been called the "Godfathers of Punk Rock" and many bands such as The Dictators, Cracker, The Plimsouls and Yo La Tengo have done Groovies' covers. According to Marianne Faithful, the Groovies' album, Teenage Head, was Mick Jagger and Keith Richard's favorite album at the time it came out in 1971. There's no doubt The Flamin' Groovies are a part of rock 'n' roll history and are often referred to as "the biggest band you've never heard of.

Yet, despite being highly regarded and respected in the music industry, and having die-hard fans all over the world, most people have never even heard their music…until now.

Now 30 years later, they are embarking on a comeback tour and this time they are determined to get the notoriety that seemed to have eluded them. They're full of life, full of stories, and full of sh*t...and we're capturing it all on film.

The Incredible Flamin’ Groovies Movie takes the viewer on a wild journey through the world of the Flamin' Groovies. We'll cover the ins and outs, the ups and the downs of life today with the Flamin' Groovies. And of course, we'll cover the Groovies' colorful history and their difficult break up.

 "If you liked AnvilSearching for Sugarman, and Spinal Tap you're gonna love this one!"

 "We were all, you know, basically just too stoned to continue. We needed to take a break. Everybody had cocaine-itis." Cyril Jordan


The Flamin' Groovies story goes all the way back to 1965 when the band began in their hometown of San Francisco, California.  They had their first brush with success in 1971 with the song and album entitled Teenage Head, which is listed in the 2006 book, 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. In 1972, Chris Wilson joined the band as lead singer and they released the song Slow Death. The gritty sound of this recording was infectious and the band was invited to play television shows around the world.

The Groovies continued to tour hard and record an impressive number of albums during the 1970's. In 1976, they released their biggest hit to date, Shake Some Action. The song hit 142 on Billboard's top 200 and years later was featured in the film Clueless.

In July of 1976, the Ramones opened for the Groovies in London at the Roundhouse. This show is considered a galvanizing event for the UK punk scene.

In 1981, after over a decade of hard work and dedication the band experienced a difficult and painful break up.

The band went their separate ways and rarely spoke over the next 30 years. Bass player, George Alexander worked for the United States Postal Service for 25 years, guitarist Cyril Jordan started a band called Magic Christian and singer Chris Wilson joined The Barracudas and put out several solo albums. The clock was ticking and the years were passing when Cyril, Chris and George finally decided that it was time to let bygones be bygones and to continue exactly where they had left off that day in 1981 when The Flamin' Groovies broke up.


"It seemed like life was thwarting us at every turn and after ten years of living out of each others suitcases we just couldn't take it anymore and we cracked." Chris Wilson

"We were just so happy when we first saw each other. We just grabbed each other and gave each other a big hug and a kiss." Chris Wilson








"I made a promise with Cyril...that we would see this out together to the end. Now that we’re back together again, it’s almost as if we get a second chance to fulfill that promise." George Alexander